2020 C-G Competition

Composition & Guitar Competition

Registration Deadline: Saturday, July 5, 2020

The C-G Competition is about collaboration between composers and guitarists (C-G).  Prizewinners will be decided upon by the overall creativity of their project, quality of the score, and quality of the recording.  Please see the list of important dates below.   


First place collaborative team will be invited to open the August 2021 Festival in Colorado Springs, CO.   Top prize for the guitarist is a handmade concert guitar by Wilson Burnham.  Top prize for composition is $500.00 for a short chamber work to be premiered at the 2021 Festival in Colorado Springs.  

Registrants for the competition must also attend the symposium.  One of our aims is to create an environment for sharing ideas and contributing to the creative process.  Please do not register for the Symposium if you simply want to compete.  We are only interested in participants who wish to open up their personal network and engage with each other.​

August 14, 2020:

Ends week 2 of Symposium

August 21, 2020:

Deadline for final draft scores (to allow guitarist three weeks to record)

September 15, 2020:

Project Deadline for Competition (guitar performance due)

October 1, 2020:

Winners Announced

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