2021 World Ensemble

The 2021 World Ensemble provides an inclusive community project for guitarists and violinists who love new music, want to perform in a virtual ensemble with others from around the world, and want to have their music accompanied by animation.  The 2021 composition is by Miles Jefferson Friday winner of the 2020 Twisted Spruce composition prize, and will be set to an animation by Chia-Hsin Lee that underscores the message of global community, diversity, and #BuildingTogether. This year, we've partnered with the Center for Rural Engagement at Indiana University to include artwork and photography by young students in the Midwest United States.  If you would like to participate please contact us because we would love to include you.

Join the 2021 WORLD PREMIER!  

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  1. We do not require video – the audio will be accompanied by animation.

  2. Perfectly Satisfactory: record into your smartphone or Zoom using Voice Memos (IOS), or another third-party app such as Voice Record Pro (available for android/IOS).  You will need to play along with a metronome to the composers suggested tempo.  A metronome can be run through earbuds direct from your metronome or laptop.  Keep your phone a safe distance (2 feet) from your instrument resting on a table or stable surface.  

  3. Preferable: record to a click track using a DAW such as GarageBand, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, etc.  This would be best if you have mics and an A/D converter.  If you are not familiar with any these software applications you may try to use them, but it’s not required, and possibly more of a learning curve than is necessary for this project.  

  4. Tuning A=440

  5. We ask that you play along with the recording of your part and play along with the master score to get a feel for the work.  

  6. The tempo marking may be easier and/or precise if the metronome is set to eighth note =180 

  7. The final section from bar 81 should be a gradual decrescendo through the repeat to the end.

  8. Recordings with clips, background noise, and/or distortion cannot be used.  If for some reason we find the audio you provide us is unstable we will explain the issue and offer you the chance to record again.  Please proof to your recording carefully before submitting it. 

  9. Export your audio at the highest quality possible and send to twistedsprucemusic [at] gmail [dot] com.

  10. Save your audio file as your name.

Parts: parts have been randomly assigned.  If you wish to play a different part than the one you were offered please submit your request to twistedsprucemusic [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll accommodate you.  

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Recordings Submitted:
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Practice click tracks to be posted soon!