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A Falling Loop

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Ida Lasic
Art Director & Animator
Digital Portfolio
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Miles Jefferson Friday
Digital Portfolio

A Falling Loop is a multimedia production created as a means to strengthen our global community, to engage Midwest rural communities, and to pair animation with new music to make new art more accessible to audiences. Engaging Midwest rural communities to participate in A Falling Loop included collecting drawings and audio from community members. The images collected were reimagined and brought to life by animator, Ida Lasic. According to Ida, “in A Falling Loop, community drawings of the flora and fauna of homelife were taken into the 3D plane, transforming them into the textures of wild nature from the dancing stickmen, to the corn, to the vast pale blue fields”. Audio was collected from more than 40 guitarists, and Miles explained that in the process of electronic composition, “the guitar was sampled and synthesized into new digital landscapes and rhythmic eruptions” to accompany the guitar. Participants on the project join from Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Serbia, the UK, and the United States–including guitar programs at the State University of New York in Fredonia and University of Louisville. The project was funded in-part by the Indiana Arts Commission, the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement, and the Twisted Spruce Music Foundation.

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